Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Plout Panna cotta

plout panna cotta remyasbaking

Its fall here. Cold is starting to rule over the summer weather. We went to farmers market a month ago. I came to know about new variety of fruit which is not common in Kerala. They were plouts. 

plout panna cotta remyasbaking

It was an attraction at first sight. I started picking them. A lady nearby me was also picking up these beauties ambitiously.  I asked, “What can be made out of these?” “Plouts are the hybrids of plums and apricots so you got it…” she said. I was like “wow….. Got an opportunity to play with this fruit”. Making panna cotta with plout – not bad right? Another panna cotta recipe here is vanilla panna cotta with pomegranate jelly. Some other dessert recipes includes rose and berry pudding, cheese cake budino and no egg no gelatin mango mousse.

plout panna cotta remyasbaking

Monday, 21 September 2015

My first day in IFBC 2015

It was on Sep 18. Attending International Food Bloggers Conference 2015 opened every possibility to view blogging in a different angle. When my better half dropped me for IFBC conference at Sheraton hotel, Seattle, lot of questions sizzled in my mind about “What I’m going to get from this conference?” I must say, this was a gracious weekend. The conference started with session by Dr. Jean Layton giving a good insight to “what to do and what not to do” as a beginner and about Word press. 

In the afternoon session, we had pre conference excursions. I opted for Chef’n. We got a wonderful tour throughout their lab. It was really great to know about the various processes undergoing in the making process of kitchen gadgets. Then the inventor, David Holcomb, gave an interesting demo of their products and interesting history of the company. 

remyas baking

 “How can I talk to others whom I never met before…”I thought. The ice breaker - everybody shares similar passion for food. I met many passionate people including great bloggers, photographers, writers… commonly sharing topic, “food” I felt lucky and thank God….! 

Then it was the time for the taste of Seattle grand opening reception and gift suite in the beautiful eve. About the gift suite - We got tons of stuff from cooks book of avocado, gluten free snacks, cake and bread mix, kitchen gadgets. Thanks to the sponsors.

There were samples for tasting, which is capable of exciting our taste buds. I liked the corn crab soup from Skycity restaurant, seven element broth from wild ginger and salad and fish. There was beautiful live music from the band Echo devils.

remyas baking

Food, music and gifts patterned a beautiful combination.  I must say, the IFBC 2015 was well organized and kudos for the team. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pasta salad with Cream cheese dressing

Hi everyone…. Having salads for a meal is healthy choice right….? When it comes to salad, the options are much wide where you can play well. You can add anything and everything in a salad. Other salad recipes posted in this blog are roasted grape tomato and baby potato salad and Indian style pomegranate raita.

IFBC 2015

I’m really excited to attend my first Food Bloggers conference (#IFBC). I’m very much lucky to attend a session handled by one of the best food reporters and writer from NewYork times, Kim Severson  and Sara Dickerman. I feel learning is a never ending process and I’m looking forward to add more new information in this world of blogging. 
I’m also enthusiastic to know about food photography techniques and would like get networked with fellow food bloggers. I could not stop my eagerness to know about SEOs which is also expected to cover the intro session. 

I’m in for Chef’n excursion. I’m excited to attend its cocktail party and knowing about new kitchen gadgets. I heard about the lovely treats that are given by sponsors and I’m joyful about that too. 

I heard about Stonyfield, giving the best yogurt, five senses of tea by Teavana, wine tasting and many more sessions. My taste buds are ready to take different unique flavors….. :-)

Food styling is yet another art. It’s very nice to know more about it from Irvin Lin. I’m a newbie and I’m excited about each session in conference. I feel like the vibrancy that we have when we are going to attend the first day of our school after a long vacation. I hope this would be a refreshing experience in my blogger life. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

No bake Black Berry Cheese cake in glasses

How are u all….? We went for black berry pickering this time . So we had a lot of black berries.  Since they are organic, my enthusiasm was doubled to make an output with it. No bake cheese cake was there in my wish list from long ago. I thought of making cheese cake with cherries. But the black berries made me to change my decision to make cheesecake with cherries and try it with berries instead. Making something without a “feel” produce senseless outcome right….? Hence I went with my urge to make cheese cake and I made it with black berries…… and it came out great.

This is a cheese cake recipe using condensed milk. You can reduce it to 3/4 the of the can if you want the cream cheese taste a little more prominent and less sugary. By Gods grace, this refrigerated dessert was a big hit in our sweet home. Other no bake desserts in my blog are cheese cake budino, mango mousse, rose and berry pudding.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Unnakkaya /Fried plantain with filling

Many of you might have heard of fried plantain (nenthrapazham) snacks. This one is with ripe plantain. This is the next snack after spicy Kerala mixture, baked samosas and chicken spring rolls.

My dearest friend Sruthi told about this typical North Kerala snack, I never thought this would become one of our most favorite nadan (regional) snack. I never tasted unnakkaya before. Need to explore more regional snacks. Cuisines in each region are diverse. Thanks a lot to Sruthi.... If she didn't told me about this snack, I would be missing one of the great treats in nadan snack items. I referred the recipe here


Friday, 4 September 2015

Rose Macaroons

Hi everyone….how z your day? Here it is cloudy and almost end of summer and start of fall season. If you want to feel the soul of a region, travelling through its rural areas is inevitable. We had such a trip; touching various terrains - including mountains, forest and hot springs. If we moved in the same terrain for a long time, we might get bored (even though it has highest degree of beauty). So are the ups and downs in our life….. right? There must be a momentum for every now and then which gives you the value of joy and excitement to move…….  

I think I have told you about my affinity towards French confections and patisserie. These rose macaroons are nothing but macaroons flavored with rose essence. By God’s grace, this also came out well.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Inji Pachadi / Ginger in yogurt

Dear all.... It's the season of harvest festival in Gods Own Country - Kerala. Onam is celebrated throughout the state irrespective of any religion or any other differences. This is the English translation of a beautiful song in Malayalam which is often sung during Onam. 

" When Maveli ruled the land,
  All the people were equal.
 And people were joyful and merry;
 They were all free from harm.
 There was neither anxiety nor sickness,
 Deaths of children were unheard of,
 There were no lies,
 There was neither theft nor deceit,
 And no one was false in speech either.
 Measures and weights were right;
 No one cheated or wronged his neighbor.
 When Maveli ruled the land,
 All the people formed one casteless races"
Source :Wikipedia.

Above all, Onam feast is the highlight, which is vegetarian known as "Onasadhya" (Onam special sadhya) which will excite each of your taste buds with such variety of vegetarianism including different spectra of hot, spicy, sour and sweet. 

My mother used to make the entire Onasadhya but I never did. I hope that I will make it this time. This is exactly my mother's recipe. We all really miss her sadhya dishes.....and the way she patiently feeds Rydhi. I'm happy to tell u that this post is a start of a new category Sadhya recipes in this blog.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Shrimp Roast (Kerala style)

Hi my dear readers.... I'm back to this blogging world after a gap. Here it is summer and I'm excited to go out more frequently with my hubby Anish and Rydhi. He used to remind me often "Dear.... u are not blogging.... " . My reply, "Will do it tomorrow....." and many tomorrows passed.... my laziness pulled me down. 

Yesterday........ my dearest friend Sruthi motivated me to do the next post.... and Anish..... who got fed up asking to put a new blog post  "Dear ..... I'm sure that you are not going to post anything in your blog for next three months ....." (in a challenging mode :-)) . I should not give up right.... :-)? So I said "This tomorrow is not like other passed tomorrows ". 

About Shrimp roast.... This is a really hot shrimp dish but you can adjust the level of spiciness. Since this is Kerala style dish, for getting authentic taste, coconut oil and curry leaves are preferred. 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Soft and Thin Chocolate chip cookies

You might have heard and eaten chocolate chip cookies so often. For me, the inclusion of tiny chocolate chips in biscuits started from hide n seek biscuits...... It was the most demanded biscuits in those days...... 

I found this method so interesting and indeed a different version of chocolate chip cookies. It is almost cake like soft and crispy bottom. If you have an oven in your home and a little time to spare, definitely this is one of the best option for your tea time or any time biscuits for your kids. By God's grace this came out well and I got the recipe from here. This is the next cookie after cranberry orange biscotti.