Saturday, 12 July 2014

Plum Pomegranate Juice

Hi all......after a short silence I'm back again with a simple juice......and indeed a healthy choice  :-). I'm enjoying this summer to the full fledge and hope you too....I can see the reflection of sun onto the leaves which would give a mirror like shiny appearance......I don't know whether I have loved "sun" to this extend before.

This land of crispy apples gives me the sensations of a mysterious lover......who has wonderful eyes, showing me the most lovely and eye catching frames......who has a beautiful long nose which delivers me the organic fragrance of spring......who has the most passionate lips to kiss me in the form of light breeze and simultaneously conceals its mystery.

For me, plum was a cake related stuff. But recently when Anish brought a packet of it I thought of the plum and pomegranate combo.....not a bad idea right....? Thank Lord! This is my second post for drinks after strawberry pear smoothie

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Apple Pickle are you ....? I'm glad to tell you that I too have a facebook page on the name Remya's Baking and Cooking. From the core of my heart, I thank all of dearest readers.  This is my first entry to the pickle category . This was again a play with apples and you may know about the  soothing apple cake and the apple jam I made before...

For this pickle recipe, the courtesy goes to my mom. I just replaced her recipe to make fruit pickle with apple and the result was really amazing with a sweetness and hotness combo .....This tastes similar to ripened mango pickle.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Mickey Mouse Club house themed cake for my little princess

On this April 13 th, she turned three. How fast the time flies ….? I still remember my first kiss on her…..It was like kissing a beautiful rose, sprinkled with dew drops….My lips pierced into those dewdrops, gently touching the silky rose petals…and that moment was like millions of stars twinkled in me and simultaneously on the other side, an anxiety of a mother was shadowed in my eyes…Oh God!  capitulating everything on you…..

“Itz a mickey mouse club house
Come inside and sing inside……..”

The waves of this music are recurring in my heart even when I’m typing this post.  I don’t know why  Rydhi  is this much in fond of mickey mouse  (in her terms “mickey moush”).  When they dance in the TV, she used to jump in our couch with an excited face.  This has made us to have a drive to our childhood…..where in those days, waiting for “The jungle book” , which was telecasted in Doordarshan (only channel available in those days for us ) and truly Anish and me love Mowgli even now and I know at least some of you are still in fond of it.

On this birthday, I thought of doing a themed cake and was certain about the theme. As parents, we all love to give the best one for our kids right…? So this time, I haven’t gone for any gateau….but focused on the fondant decorations. This was not a well planned one.

This was my first humble attempt on making figurines. While making the cake toppers, Anish was there with me giving the correct feedbacks. Five cakes were baked for the three layers. I had an 8 X 3 inch pan. So for the middle layer, I baked a single cake, which is Hershey’s chocolate cake. For the bottom and top layers, I baked a fondant friendly cake, which is firm enough. I have done the cake with marshmallow (mini marshmallow) fondant. The figurines are also made with this fondant but was made a day before to make it strong.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Pear Cobbler

How was your days...? Mine was a little bit sick with fever and now getting better. I'm excited to tell you that sun has removed the mask of clouds, and started to smile and shine as ever.....and I feel very happy to see children playing outside, making wooden cart, running and exploring......kept me to have a journey to my early days.....Each of us have such a good frame of flashes with a good aroma of memories right...?

Fruit cobbler is one I always wanted to make.....but it was always postponed due to simple reasons.....This was yet another dish which I promised you the visit in  the Pear Burfi post.  This is a fruit based baked dessert and I made in individual 4oz ramekins and I got the recipe from here. 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Chicken spring rolls

Hi my dear ones......Hope you had a great weekend. Today I have a delicious snack recipe to share with you. After  Uzhunnu vada (no baking powder) and diabetic friendly Oat meal crackers, this is another promising tea time snack. 

One fine evening, we visited our cousin aunty and she had given us hot chicken spring rolls. It was simply awesome and she shared the recipe. On that very day itself, it came inside my mind to give it a try. Thank God! that "time" came now  only as I was in a hibernation mode those days.........

Chicken spring rolls can be altered as veg spring rolls or any meat spring rolls as per  your fillings, just like empanadas. First step is to prepare the filling and then do the pan cakes so that the spring rolls will be ready soon. 

Friday, 28 March 2014

A decorated Vanilla Sponge Cake- Happy B'day to my little Bloggie ...!

Marshmallow fondant

Thank Lord!
Dear Bloggie....
On this first blogoversary, I must appreciate your patience to bear me as your owner. At times I have ignored you without feeding.......but you uncomplainingly waited for the next post. I felt immense pleasure whenever I dress you up with decorated cakes.....and I sense your attractiveness whenever I do so.....So for your first birthday......I wanna make up you with a fresh and the best costume in my wardrobe.........and I'm sure that this is not a perfect one and hope you would forgive me as I haven't done anything perfect :P

Marshmallow fondant

Thanks to all of you for your great support and encouragement. Now a daughter when gets up in the morning, first ask me......"Mamma...cake undakki thaaa....!!!" (mamma.... prepare a cake for me). Initially....I was surprised to hear that. Then I understood the reason, that recently I made Tiramisu from scratch...(starting from the lady fingers). So with her breakfast, I have given some lady fingers (she calls it a cake)......And now....Everything got finished.....but poor her little world, still dreaming of the cake...

Marshmallow fondant

So when my daughters demand and my bloggie's b'rday clubbed up, I had to make a decorated delicious cake. For decoration, I made marshmallow fondant. The recipe of the sponge cake is adapted from here.  

Marshmallow fondant

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Black Forest Cake/ Gateau

black forest gateau

Hope u had a wonderful time. Now, I'm much excited to tell you that the plants are well dressed with their buds blossomed and passing a divine smile to amuse us. Indeed, I too feel that dynamism in me.

black forest gateau

I baked this cake for our wonderful friends where Anish was staying in a so called "bachelors apartment" for a month before me and Rydhi arrived. They have taken good care of him. So, while baking this black forest gateau, I could hear him saying, "It must be good, it must be good, .......". By Gods grace, it came out well.

black forest gateau

This cake is soft and spongy with the rich flavor of cherries and the lightness of whipping cream. I referred many black forest gateau recipes and concluded to this one, including my own additions. For the whipping cream frosting, please use a heavy whipping cream and check for its sweetness. If it is not sweet, it will be stabilized only after the addition of sugar and else, beat on high for 10 minutes (taken directly from the freezer). Just before frosting, make sure to beat it again till you get stiff peaks.

black forest gateau