Saturday, 28 November 2015

Thanksgiving Dinner


How was your thanksgiving ….? For us, we are celebrating thanksgiving for the first time. I have never done any experiments with turkey before. So I was excited to prepare Turkey and the entire thanksgiving dinner this time.  


I prepared the ice cream pudding one day before. Turkey was brined two days earlier and roasted on Thanksgiving Day. The rest of the dishes were prepared on the same day. By Gods grace, everything came out well and added to the spirit of thanksgiving. Thanks to Roopa Jithesh who gave me the idea of brine. 

Our dinner menu 
Brined roasted turkey and gravy

Soft dinner rolls
Cranberry sauce
Asparagus green bean casserole
Apple walnut stuffing
Spicy mashed potatoes
Cucumber salad

Ice cream pudding Bombe


The baking aroma of dinner rolls was everywhere in our condo. Then it was taken over by roasting of turkey. For me, it was a great experience of cooking, coming out of my comfort zone. Thank Lord for all your blessings!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Pumpkin spice Latte (Starbucks style)


When we had pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, I felt that I should recreate it in home. I made this during Halloween. But I believe it is ok to post it now, sticking onto the fact that better late than never right…..?How are your thanksgiving preparations going on….? 


Other pumpkin deserts in my space are pumpkin pie and spiced pumpkin pudding. I got the recipe from Eggnog, strawberry pear smoothie and white hot chocolate are some other drinks here.


Saturday, 21 November 2015

Carrot Apple Muffins

The love for food and the blogging world has gifted me many wonderful friends. Today I have a special guest to share my space. Meet this sweet and beautiful gal Razina, who is a super cook and baker, blogs at “The Recipes of India”. Do visit her space and grab the most delicious recipes. I’m fond of her Tandoori chicken and chicken biryani. She is the one who manages her profession and passion of blogging in a very good balance. I’m very much excited and lucky to get her here. Over to you Razi…..

Hello, I’m Razina - a blogger at The Recipes of India. I've spent my growing up years in a country called The United Arab Emirates before relocating to India post marriage. I'm basically an Accounts professional with 7 years of hands on experience and worked in the city of Dubai, Sharjah and Bangalore. But when mommy hood dawned on me, I decided a quit to enjoy and experience this beautiful phase of life gifted by God. It was then that my kitchen journey began and the excitement that I got when I made my first roti, my first daal, my first curry and so on. Thus The Recipes of India was born more out of necessity to keep a record of my daily meal. I have come a long way and you will find simple as well as exotic recipes along with  my baking experiments (my latest obsession) on my page with some random ramblings and snippets from my life. 

When Remya sent me an invitation for a guest post, I was over whelmed and accepted it at an instance. But due to the busy schedule of professional and personal life this post got delayed. As promised, I have brought for you my first baked goodie from my new appliance - Carrot Apple Muffins. The reason why I chose to bake muffins as my trial was that there are less chances of getting it failed as compared to cakes. And the best thing that I like about making muffins is that it doesn't require that three times sifting of the flour and doesn't use hand blender as well. You just need to mix everything gently.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Spiced Pumpkin pudding / Pumpkin payasam


It is a blissful feeling to walk on the street, getting hugs from breeze, beautifully painted leaves falling on you, forming a carpet and holding your dears hand tight. Thank Lord for all the experiences. Hope you all are enjoying the season.


This is my second pumpkin based dessert after pumpkin pie. It is lighter and the chocolate topping paired makes a good treat. Some other no bake desserts here are cheese cake budino, almond yogurt mousse and vanilla panna cotta


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Pumpkin Pie from scratch


Halloween is on its way. Last week, we had dads pumpkin carving night with daughter. Anish carved a beautiful tinker bell and cat on pumpkin. He bought some cans of pumpkin. I believe this is the appropriate time to fill your hearts with smiling pumpkin varieties.  


I love to prepare desserts from its scratch. That gives an immense satisfaction and joy. I made peach tart before. Some other fruit desserts in this space are plum crumble, pear cobbler and mango mousse.


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Gumbo with shrimp


Its fall here. The trees are dressed up with their gorgeous leaves in beautiful shades of red, yellow, orange and green. I made gumbo yesterday hearing threads of slow rain from our kitchen window. While typing this post, I can see a squirrel playing with a sparrow and our backyard is often visited by rabbits too. Other shrimp recipe here is shrimp roast. Some vegetarian gravy in this space includes broccoli mornay and palak paneer. Gumbo can be paired with breads like white loaf, ciabatta, rice and with Indian dishes like chapattis, rotis and idiyappam . 


IFBC 2015 in Seattle was a really great experience for me. Still can’t forget the wine tasting session. Each wine tastes different with the change in climate and the way the grapes are grown. I will share more about it in my next post.


Gumbo is basically stew or soup originated in US (source :wiki). Thanks to our friend Chrissy who gave the recipe. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Plout Panna cotta

plout panna cotta remyasbaking

Its fall here. Cold is starting to rule over the summer weather. We went to farmers market a month ago. I came to know about new variety of fruit which is not common in Kerala. They were plouts. 

plout panna cotta remyasbaking

It was an attraction at first sight. I started picking them. A lady nearby me was also picking up these beauties ambitiously.  I asked, “What can be made out of these?” “Plouts are the hybrids of plums and apricots so you got it…” she said. I was like “wow….. Got an opportunity to play with this fruit”. Making panna cotta with plout – not bad right? Another panna cotta recipe here is vanilla panna cotta with pomegranate jelly. Some other dessert recipes includes rose and berry pudding, cheese cake budino and no egg no gelatin mango mousse.

plout panna cotta remyasbaking

Monday, 21 September 2015

My first day in IFBC 2015

It was on Sep 18. Attending International Food Bloggers Conference 2015 opened every possibility to view blogging in a different angle. When my better half dropped me for IFBC conference at Sheraton hotel, Seattle, lot of questions sizzled in my mind about “What I’m going to get from this conference?” I must say, this was a gracious weekend. The conference started with session by Dr. Jean Layton giving a good insight to “what to do and what not to do” as a beginner and about Word press. 

In the afternoon session, we had pre conference excursions. I opted for Chef’n. We got a wonderful tour throughout their lab. It was really great to know about the various processes undergoing in the making process of kitchen gadgets. Then the inventor, David Holcomb, gave an interesting demo of their products and interesting history of the company. 

remyas baking

 “How can I talk to others whom I never met before…”I thought. The ice breaker - everybody shares similar passion for food. I met many passionate people including great bloggers, photographers, writers… commonly sharing topic, “food” I felt lucky and thank God….! 

Then it was the time for the taste of Seattle grand opening reception and gift suite in the beautiful eve. About the gift suite - We got tons of stuff from cooks book of avocado, gluten free snacks, cake and bread mix, kitchen gadgets. Thanks to the sponsors.

There were samples for tasting, which is capable of exciting our taste buds. I liked the corn crab soup from Skycity restaurant, seven element broth from wild ginger and salad and fish. There was beautiful live music from the band Echo devils.

remyas baking

Food, music and gifts patterned a beautiful combination.  I must say, the IFBC 2015 was well organized and kudos for the team. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pasta salad with Cream cheese dressing

Hi everyone…. Having salads for a meal is healthy choice right….? When it comes to salad, the options are much wide where you can play well. You can add anything and everything in a salad. Other salad recipes posted in this blog are roasted grape tomato and baby potato salad and Indian style pomegranate raita.

IFBC 2015

I’m really excited to attend my first Food Bloggers conference (#IFBC). I’m very much lucky to attend a session handled by one of the best food reporters and writer from NewYork times, Kim Severson  and Sara Dickerman. I feel learning is a never ending process and I’m looking forward to add more new information in this world of blogging. 
I’m also enthusiastic to know about food photography techniques and would like get networked with fellow food bloggers. I could not stop my eagerness to know about SEOs which is also expected to cover the intro session. 

I’m in for Chef’n excursion. I’m excited to attend its cocktail party and knowing about new kitchen gadgets. I heard about the lovely treats that are given by sponsors and I’m joyful about that too. 

I heard about Stonyfield, giving the best yogurt, five senses of tea by Teavana, wine tasting and many more sessions. My taste buds are ready to take different unique flavors….. :-)

Food styling is yet another art. It’s very nice to know more about it from Irvin Lin. I’m a newbie and I’m excited about each session in conference. I feel like the vibrancy that we have when we are going to attend the first day of our school after a long vacation. I hope this would be a refreshing experience in my blogger life.